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Why Ask Your Realtor for a Good Lender?

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The vast majority of buyers out there obtain financing when they purchase a property. With all the different lenders out there, though, how do you find the best one when the time comes for you to buy a home?

My solution is simple: talk to your Realtor. In our industry, not only do we Realtors talk with prospective buyers and sellers, but we also talk with every vendor that’s out there, which includes the ones in the mortgage and lending fields. When it comes to my team, there are three reasons why we believe we know the best lender to meet your needs:

1. We’ve talked with every lender in the industry and scrutinized them thoroughly.

We’ve talked with and scrutinized every lender in the industry.


2. The amount of sales volume our team has done around the nation means that we hold a degree of special importance with lenders, which means your customer service would be superior to most. The efficiency with which your loan is processed will also be higher than anywhere else.

3. I’m a firm believer that anybody my team recommends is putting our reputation on the line. We’re vouching for whoever we send your way, be it lending or any other aspect of the real estate industry. If we’re going to do a great job representing you in your purchase, they better do a great job representing you regarding your loan.

If you’d like to discuss this topic further or would like us to provide you with a list of preferred lenders we’ve worked with, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. I look forward to speaking with you!

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