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Should You Stick Around During Your Home Showing?

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If your home is listed on the market, is it wise to stay at home when potential buyers come to see it?

Absolutely not.

There are plenty of reasons why, starting with the fact that it’s intimidating for the buyer. They will feel like it limits their ability to talk, walk around freely, and feel comfortable in the home. I’ve shown many properties to buyers with the seller present, so I’ve personally witnessed them having these feelings many times.


Buyers often feel intimidated and uncomfortable when the seller is present at a showing.


When sellers are around for a showing, they have a tendency to share all the great things (or the things they think are great) about the property with the buyer. The challenge is that things you perceive in your home to be beneficial might actually discourage the buyer from wanting to buy your home.

Let me share an example.

I recently saw a seller say that their neighborhood was great for families with kids all over the place that created a great buzz and atmosphere. The problem was that they said this to a couple of buyers whose kids are grown up and out of the home, so they were actually looking for a quieter neighborhood. The neighborhood being so family-oriented was a big plus for the sellers, but a big negative for these particular buyers. The seller simply didn’t allow the agent to do their job.

As a seller, you also need to think about how you’ve set up and utilized each room. This might not be how certain buyers will utilize each room. Telling buyers where you liked to have your couch or how you set up your kitchen can actually limit their creativity in imagining how they’ll use the home. Instead, they’ll only be able to see it through your lens.

All in all, you shouldn’t be present during a home showing so that you can let the buyer’s agent do their job and subsequently let your agent follow up with them.

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