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How Professional Photos Help Sell Your Home

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Today, we’ll discuss the importance of using professional photography when listing your home for sale. We insist our sellers utilize professional photography. Your iPhone doesn’t suffice.

Keep in mind that when you’re hiring a real estate agent, you’re hiring a professional marketing expert. We’ll make your home shine in the best light possible. Anyone that thinks you can do that with a Polaroid has really missed the boat!

As real estate agents, we’ve seen some truly horrible, comically bad MLS photos. Not just pictures with clothes in the middle of the room, but pictures with things that are too absurd to even say. The truth is, the vast majority of people who look at your property will never set foot in your home. That’s okay; we don’t want them to!

3.2 pullThe idea isn’t to have more showings. It’s to have more offers. We don’t want to figure out how to make you sit in a park all Sunday while strangers walk through your house. So, how do you get more qualified people who are interested in your property into your house? Professional photography.

The right photos give potential buyers a feel for your property. The right photo doesn’t make your home look better than it is. The last thing you want is everyone walking through the door to feel let down. The perfect photo isn’t a lie and it isn’t photoshopped; the right photo shows your home in the best light possible, while still being honest about what your home really is.

By using professional photography, you automatically set your home apart from all the people who post photos with their iPhone. Our competition will not spend in a year what we spend on marketing, because we know that things like professional pictures are crucial to selling your home After all, a picture is worth 1,000 buyers.

If you have any questions, give us a call or send us an email. We would be happy to help you!

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