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Can You Handle a Home that Needs Repairs?

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People often ask me if they should buy homes that are in need of a few repairs. I always answer with another question by asking about their motivation to buy the home. This can be helpful while making a decision. Are you an investor or are you looking to make some equity in the home? Or are you looking to buy the home and renovate it?

Your motivation for repairing the home will tell you a lot about what you should do with it. If you want to live there and enjoy the home, then you better be prepared to pay for the repairs.

If you can financially afford the project, then you have to think if you can mentally afford to do these repairs. Remodels and repairs always cost more and take a little longer than what you have hoped for. Be prepared for a few setbacks.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

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