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Expert Home Selling Tips for Residents

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I see home sellers make the same mistakes over and over again, and this irks me because I know how avoidable they are. As a Realtor, I hate to stand by and watch people sabotage their own home sale. Here are some things that you should avoid if you’re attempting to sell your home.

1. For Sale by Owner: FSBO sales are usually disasters, and this is why we have professional real estate agents to help people. Just like we have lawyers and doctors to help us legally and medically, we have Realtors to help us sell homes quickly and effortlessly.

2. Overpricing: Overpricing your home can instantly kill your transaction. Don’t think that you can overprice your home. Buyers are much savvier than they used to be, and they won’t fall for it. You want to price your home correctly so that buyers see a good value in it and feel okay competing for it. This will raise your sale price.

FSBO sales are simply a bad idea.

3. Bad photography: An iPhone won’t do your home justice. Because your home is posted online for advertising, your photos need to professional quality. You need to stand out from the rest of the homes featured online, and you can do this with high-quality photos or virtual tours. Photos really can sell a home.

4. Not paying attention to curb appeal: A buyer will glance at your home, and if it’s a mess, they may just drive away. To bring buyers inside, you have to improve the outside of your home. Repainting your door, planting flowers, or trimming bushes are all things that you need to do to get the exterior of your home ready.

I could go on and on about the mistakes that I see being made, so if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would love to continue this conversation!

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