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5 Top Tips for Fall and Winter Listings

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Today, I’d like to bring you some top tips for selling your home in the fall and winter seasons.

Now, there are certain things that you must consider about listing during this time of year. What you’ll need to do to prepare your home for sale during fall or winter will vary depending on your location. Preparing a fall or winter listing in Michigan and preparing one in Arizona are going to be very different.

But, regardless of how much the temperature changes, there are five points to be aware of.

1. Pay close attention to your curb appeal. During fall and winter months, we tend to decorate our homes with some seasonal flair. Between Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah, there are many reasons people decorate at this time of year. However, don’t overdo this holiday decor. You don’t want a buyer to pull up your home and see a whole festival of lights. Tasteful decoration that enhances your home instead of distracting from it is key.
2. Make your space inviting. When a buyer walks into your home, they should feel welcome. Tastefully decorating the interior of your home is going to put it in its best light. This brings up another great point, as well.

Tasteful decoration that enhances your home instead of distracting from it is key.

3. Make sure the blinds are open to let in natural light. Light is limited during the shorter days that come along with this time of year, so make the most of whatever light you can. This is going to help your home look and feel much better.
4. If you have a fireplace, prepare for it to be lit. Nothing looks better to buyers than a cozy fire. This will help the buyers envision their life in your home.
5. Use fall scents to your advantage. People love to smell something subtle and pleasant when they enter a home. Fall and winter scents like pine needles or fresh cookies are all great choices.

If you have any other questions, would like more information, or want to discuss how to prepare your home for sale during the fall or winter months, feel free to give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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